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Deep Woods

May 12, 2014

Peter: Some recent photography work by me and my friend Jen, shot in Prospect Park.



Happiest Place On Earth!

April 3, 2014

Peter: Here’s an illustration I was commissioned to do of my two friends on vacation at Disney World (fighting zombies, of course).


Salty Toons at SXSW ’14

March 2, 2014

Did you hear? The “Salty Toons” title sequence has been nominated for an Excellence in Title Design award at the 2014 South by Southwest film festival! I’m very honored to be included alongside an impressive lineup of others including titles from True Detective, The Conjuring, Pacific Rim, The Last of Us, The Lego Movie and more. As my Dad put it, I’m the garage band up against the orchestra – and I couldn’t be happier! Check them all out below or on the big screen Sunday March 9th, 4:30pm at the Vimeo Theater in Austin, TX.

View all of the finalist’s title films here.

Formal Wear

March 1, 2014

Peter: Here’s a little self portrait, utilizing some recently acquired insect taxidermy.



December 17, 2013

Peter: I listened to this and then I made this and now I am this.



November 11, 2013


Peter: My friend Jen asked for a drawing of someone with an animal head, so here it is!


October 20, 2013

Peter: This is one of the cooler jobs I’ve had in recent months – being the cel animator on a Walking Dead/Hyundai tie in sweepstakes commercial which launched during the Walking Dead premiere last week. I animated a bunch of the zombies and some effects animation (blowing paper, tire smoke, some car details) and I think the spot came out fantastic. I’m honored to have been involved with such a great team of talented people over at the studio Imaginary Forces.


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