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Proper Upbringing

April 12, 2012

Proper Upbringing

Madison, age 3

Amy: More moms should cater to their child’s dark side. I mean, I don’t force it on her, but when my daughter sees the things I am into and wants to join, is EXCITED to join, why not let her! She did this makeup herself. And requested this pic, among many others and chose the green filter. And now I every time we play princess or ride bikes, we also have to be weary of zombie attackers, their monster allies, formulate antidotes for the infection, and save other survivors.

Peter: Can’t agree more Ames, I think it’s totally normal for your daughter (and kids in general) to explore a fascination with the macabre. It’s all part of maintaining a BALANCE while developing an understanding of mentality as you grow. It’s one of the driving intensions when I make a film – I always try to keep a level of appropriateness while exploring dark themes or situations so that children can be included in the audience. Previous generations embraced media aimed at children that incorporated hardy doses of reality hitting issues and an entire spectrum of exciting psychology. Tv shows, movies and books used to contain solid story lines featuring true heart and soul ALONG WITH gleefully sinister moments and questionably bizarre scenes that defined them. Today this is deemed “risky”.

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  1. May 9, 2012 4:05 PM

    awesome pic, Peter. 🙂 it’s the mouth that makes it look devilish…

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