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OIAF ’11 Wrap-Up

September 27, 2011

 Andy London+Peter Ahern

Peter: Just got back from the Ottawa International Animation Festival…and it. was. wicked!

This year had some films that really rocked my socks (see below), in addition to an excellent retrospective of Aaron Augenblick’s twisted work and a hilariously entertaining panel with Thurop Van Orman & Pendleton Ward (creators of the stellar The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and Adventure Time on Cartoon Network). It goes without saying that the annual Animator’s Picnic, pumpkin carving contest and after parties were all rad as well, with Alan Foreman & Joel Frenzer’s renegade-hotel-room-bash worth a special shout out.

Our film Lil’ Aliens  got an enthusiastic audiance response, with one reviewer even comparing it to candy! (I think?) “Andy London & Peter Ahern’s Lil’ Aliens (USA) shows us life on other planets in the way only little kids can imagine. It’s so cute you’ll rot your teeth, but who cares when it’s this good?” Nice!

As always though, the best part of the festival was the awesome company of friends, colleagues and like-minded enthusiasts from all over the world. Can’t wait to get back!

Of the 70+ films I managed to see, I give my stamp of approval to the following:

Chico and Rita (feature) dir. Javier Mariscal & Fernando Trueba

I’m Fine Thanks  dir. Eamonn O’Neill

Moxie  dir. Stephen Irwin

Intel: The Chase  dir. Adam Foulkes & Alan Smith

One Minute Puberty dir. Alexander Gellner

Sticky Ends dir. Osman Cerfon

Made you Cringe (series) dir. Danny & Simone Dresden 

Swimming Pool dir. Alexandra Hetmerova 

The Renter dir. Jason Carpenter

Blanche Fraise dir. Frédérick Tremblay

Things You’d Better Not Mix Up  dir. Joost Lieuwma

Guard Dog Global Jam dir. Bill Plympton & Desiree Stavracos

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